The Power of Your Intentions

Dr. Masaru Emoto is famous for his experiments with frozen water crystals and photographs of their beautiful hexagonal patterns. He would freeze water from a variety of sources (tap water, river water, and lake water) and observe and photograph them with a microscope. He discovered that from tap water he could not capture any beautiful images – nor from river and lake water located near industrial cities. Their shapes were distorted, often discoloured, and unattractive – appearing sickly   In contrast, where water was pristine and away from urban development, the images were magnificent. These water crystals were majestically pure, brilliant, geometrically striking and pleasing to the eye – in other words, beautiful.

We should not be surprised at the differences observed between contaminated and pristine water. However, what he did next with his water crystal experiments yielded the most incredible and revolutionary insights into water and its properties – and ultimately into ourselves.

He exposed these crystals to different catalysts: words – either said out loud or written down, music, pictures and prayers.  Positive, uplifting words such as love and peace and joy would enhance the water crystals beauty, while negative words such as hate and war and ugly would disfigure and damage the water crystals. Classical music had a positive impact on the crystals – rock music a negative impact. Prayers had a positive impact and could be used, along with words and music, to rejuvenate sickly water, turning malformed water crystals into beautiful ones. Water reacting to these types of external stimuli stunned and amazed him. You can view pictures of his water crystals on his website here.

He concluded that our words, and more broadly our thoughts – whether we say them out loud or write them down on paper or reflect on them silently – affected the health of water. If we accept that 50% of the Earth is water and 75% of the human body is water, imagine how our thoughts may be affecting ourselves and our environment. Consider how we might be affecting ourselves through our own self-talk and self-belief and internal dialogue, and on others through our intentions and interactions, and on the Earth herself.

Research along these lines has also been conducted with plants – where plants have responded favourably to kind and appreciative words and through playing classical music.

Some have theorized that thoughts, like sound and colour, have an energy pattern and frequency. These energy patterns interact with the energy patterns of animals, plants, humans and in these experiments – water. Perhaps all matter contains an underlying intelligent energy and life is a constant back and forth, or interaction of different energy patterns. The expressions ‘good vibe ‘ and ‘bad vibe’ certainly make sense as positive energies enhance life and negative ones harm life – depending on intention.

Here’s an experiment you can try at home to test the impact of your intentions on water. It’s called the Rice experiment and when Dr. Emoto did it, he simply placed some cooked white rice in two glass jars – one with the label “thank you” on the front and the other with the label “you fool”. He then instructed school children to say the labels out loud as they passed them each day on the way to school. After 30 days, the rice in the jar with “thank you” had barely changed and the rice in the jar labelled “you fool” was mouldy and rotten. Here’s a video of the experiment done by the good folks at Truth Stream who were testing Dr. Emoto’s theory.

How can we bring these findings into enhancing our daily lives – both for ourselves and those around us? Begin simply. Maybe you have plants in your home you want to nurture. Stick a piece of tape with the words “I love you” to the plant’s pot or container so that it is visible. Every day when you see your plant, let them know how you feel by stating “I love you”.

How often do we let the Earth know that we love and appreciate her? Take the time now so that every day when you gaze upon nature – a tree in the front yard, a sandy beach with a gently lapping surf, a brilliantly coloured flower, birds darting and flitting about – show your appreciation and love with a “thank you “.

There is an exercise I like to use and it is to simply acknowledge that I love and appreciate myself and my body. While gazing in the mirror, I will state “I love you”. The source from which I received this exercise stated that you should make that statement 10 times. The exercise simply recognizes my appreciation and gratitude for my life and this body which carries me through it.

This exercise will also help banish any sabotaging self-talk and internal dialogue. Your body reacts to your thoughts and feelings – so keep them positive. This is also good advice for your thoughts and words to others.

As a result of his experiments, Dr. Masaru Emoto concluded that: “I believe the original idea of creation by the creator of this universe was the pursuit of beauty.”      

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