You’ve excelled at your chosen profession and demonstrated your competency and skill with well-honed capabilities. You are a master within your Box.

Now you want to move beyond your Box and venture into new territories of experience and opportunity. You can if you have the will and openness to test new methods of tapping into the vast potential within your own mind. This seminar is designed to help you tap into that unrealized gold mine.

We explore specific skills to sharpen your ability to:

Think – in particular how to apply critical thinking to any subject and understand the thinking traps which limit our problem solving capabilities and restrict our opportunities.

Utilize Creativity and Imagination – use simple tools and techniques for opening up this huge reservoir of talent within all of us.

Tap into your Intuition – specifically, how to trust your gut and access its wisdom for all aspects of your life.

Participants walk away with a time-tested methodology for critical thinking and self-learning; tools and techniques for tapping into their creativity and imagination; and finally, tactics for effective training of their intuitive mind.

Topics include:

  • An overview of the mind and its capabilities
  • Critical thinking and the Trivium Method
  • Boosting your creative and imaginative capabilities
  • Tapping into the potential of your intuitive mind
  • Mindfulness meditation practice for many applications
  • Creating new opportunities for personal experience
  • Pulling it all together to create the life you want