I’m a business graduate who began my career working for a global CPA firm. While there I obtained my CPA and eventually transitioned into Education and Professional Development where I pursued my passion in learning the art of teaching. I was also introduced to the new frontier of computer-based training (CBT) and was project lead on the first program developed in Canada.

Smitten by the potential of technology in delivering certain types of learning, I started my own business developing CBT. Working with digital designers and artists, I was introduced to their creative minds and with their help, worked on developing my own creative skills. Eventually this led me to teaching web design part-time while the medium was still in its infancy.

The new millennium brought further changes and I worked for the CPA regulatory body overseeing professional development for CPAs in industry and created their residential Executive Development series of programs. The opportunity to write articles on subjects in Management and Leadership allowed me to further satisfy my creative drive and impulse.

Throughout this journey I’ve been led to learn and grow and test my own perceived limits of my capabilities. Introduced to aspects of thinking, creativity, imagination and intuition along the way – and their influence on human potential, has captivated my interest and energy and become the current focus of my study, writing and teaching.

Robert Gagnon