The themes explored in these series of seminars are:

  • mental preparation tactics to achieve success
  • how to tap into your creativity
  • how to effectively use imagination
  • develop your intuition
  • learning critical thinking and reasoning skills

In the Tactics for Peak Performance seminar, the critical factors for achieving success are examined and practiced. Tactics that address motivation – such as your emotional power and intentions; and your performance knowledge – such as visualization and goal setting; and your self-confidence – such as positive thinking and affirmations, are explored and practiced to help you achieve peak performance.

The Mindfulness and Meditation to Manage Stress and Enhance Creativity seminar uses mindfulness practice for well-being and health, for strengthening the focus of the mind, and to enable relaxation and stress reduction. Meditation is practiced to enable the creative and imaginative and intuitive abilities to be accessed. The key to both of these techniques is to return to the now – the present moment – and allow past and future concerns to melt away and discover the rich creativity lying patiently within.

The Tapping Into Your Potential – Beyond the Box seminar is a full day seminar which includes the topics from the previous two seminars plus the critical thinking and rational reasoning skill development. It is the all inclusive seminar.