The Human Becoming Vision Statement

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We live in a world of chaos and imbalance, social upheaval and conflict. The earth’s ecosystem is under threat from human influence – including planned, intentional action by those who should know better and through the by-products of ignorant systems and choices by the masses. Life on Earth is precariously positioned at a historical tipping point.

Human becomings appreciate the dire situation we face and accept responsibility for the world we live in – for they understand that thoughts – every human’s thoughts – creates individual and global reality. The challenge is that the mass of humanity has yet to realize this important law of our existence and their thoughts are consistently being managed by others for purposes which would not be characterized as benevolent or altruistic.

However, human becomings are optimistic and know their power of influence through the simple act of thinking and set the goal each day of intentionally expressing their thoughts for the world they want to manifest. We know and trust that the intelligent, powerful and creative Universe will respond. In this spirit, a Vision statement for human becomings to express and intend each day would be most useful. This is a Vision statement which I ask that you consider including in your daily intentions.

I am a human becoming, help me to become

I am committed to a new paradigm on Earth, a paradigm where humans are sovereign, free and responsible beings and responsible stewards of our beautiful, vibrant and healthy mother Earth; who honour and respect, love and cherish our brothers and sisters of the plant, animal and elemental kingdoms; and who are committed and devoted to the values and principles of:









Creativity, and

Participation and Contribution to the expansion and evolution of Universal life and intelligence,

My intention is the achievement of the highest and best good for all concerned, and the triumph of balance and harmony on Earth, in our solar system and in our galaxy and Universe.

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