You have a non-traditional worldview of life on Earth. You believe that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, that we are learning free-will and love, we are learning the role of reincarnation and karma in our personal development and that of our race, that we have interactions with off-planet friends and foes, and that we are at a critical time in humanity’s evolution. You want to share that view with your teen-aged children, nieces and nephews. That is the purpose of this book.

Intended to inspire reflection and the desire to explore the nature of reality, a heart-centered narrative challenges the accepted themes of our existence and offers an alternative worldview.
Timing is critical as the Earth and humanity reach a pivotal point in history with two distinct paths and choices before them.
Choice is the key action, as each individual must choose one of these paths – the options of indifference or delay are not available. The Earth has made her decision – what will humanity choose?

Take a dream ride as you journey on this alternative worldview, from the perspective of someone not of this Earth – a visitor’s worldview.

Read an excerpt here.

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