Human becomings are curious beings, continuously exploring and discovering new talents and capabilities of their minds and bodies, and the magical, mysterious aspect of self called spirit.

Human becomings accept that there is much to learn, and that they are on a journey of self-discovery, of self-realization. As they master new understandings and tools, they begin changing and evolving into what they were intended to become; magnificent and powerful beings – human beings.

Human becomings are committed and devoted to a new paradigm on Earth; a paradigm where humans are free, sovereign, powerful and responsible beings and dedicated stewards of their home; the beautiful planet Earth.

I’m a human becoming, are you?

I first encountered the term human becoming when reading George Green’s Handbook for the New Paradigm. It struck me then as now that its elegant simplicity captures the essence of one who is continually learning and seeking to understand themselves and the world they live in. I’ve since heard the term used by Michael Tsarion in one of his lectures on the human journey.

With this website, I want to share my own discoveries realized during my on-going journey of human becoming. In the Resources section you’ll find links to books, documentaries and websites which have helped me and may help you. In the e-books and Articles areas you’ll find some of my writing on a variety of subjects. On the Seminar page are some of the seminars I offer with descriptions and offering dates. On the Blog page are my regular musings on the journey of human becoming.

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